Everyone Plays A Factor

We as humans definitely have a bigger purpose here on earth than all the other animals, at least for the most part because the thing is that each and every species on earth plays a significant factor to contribute to the ecosystem as a whole, and if a species goes down or dies out then […]

Major Impact

When it comes down to it everyone knows it, but for the most part no one really cares enough to do anything about the environment because it seems like it is too big of a problem for one person to really handle. Of course governments and other national organizations, as well as international organizations, have […]

Are You An Enviornmentalist?

So do you think of yourself as an environmentalist? Maybe you are a true environment-friendly individual but the truth of the matter is that if you live in the United States and are lucky enough to live the lavish lifestyles in which most Americans enjoy then you probably are having a seriously negative effect on […]

Endangered Species

Endangered species list There are a ton of reasons why people need to be more involved with the world’s environment, and when it comes to helping out and doing our share to make sure the world doesn’t become a much shittier place than the way we came into it means that every human has to […]